Vanessa Matthijssen

Singularity Expert: Sustainability, Strategy & Transformation, Corporate Innovation

Vanessa is a strategy partner at Monitor Deloitte and leads Deloitte Australia’s Consumer Products sectorgroup. She is deeply passionate about shaping a healthier and more sustainable future. With over 20 yearsexperience, Vanessa has been working with Food and Agri businesses to help them embrace and leveragetechnology for the businesses to grow. She works with large corporates and start-ups to fast-track tech-enabled innovation in order to make a more profound impact on the world. She combines her skills incorporate and commercial strategy, turnaround programs as well as the design and management of largetransformations with her passion for food to drive positive commercial results with progressive societaloutcomes.Vanessa is the lead author of Deloitte's Future of Food series. It explores key societal trends, issues andtechnological advancements that provide commercial opportunities for food businesses whilst allowing them toadvance society and our planet.