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Darlene Damm

Co-Founder, Matternet & Co-founder, DIYROCKETS
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    Artificial Intelligence, Communities, Distributed Ledger Technology, Economies, Governance
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Darlene Damm holds the esteemed positions of Faculty Chair and Head of Social Impact at Singularity University. With an extensive track record spanning nearly two decades, she is an advocate for solving complex global challenges and enabling individuals to shape a future of abundance. Darlene's focus at Singularity University is twofold: she illuminates how exponential technologies drive abundance in critical areas and navigates the social implications, including issues like technological unemployment, inequality, and ethics.Her background seamlessly blends technology and social transformation. Notably, she founded DIYROCKETS in 2012, pioneering crowdsourced space technology. In 2011, Darlene co-founded Matternet, a groundbreaking drone company revolutionizing medical deliveries in the developing world. Prior to her roles at Singularity University, she spent a decade empowering youth and contributing to global economies across Asia and the US.During her tenure with Ashoka, the world's largest association of social entrepreneurs, Darlene was instrumental in raising substantial funds and forging partnerships with tech giants like Google, LinkedIn and Facebook. Her leadership extended to launching initiatives such as StartEmpathy, impacting over 30 countries.Darlene earned her bachelor's degree in History from Stanford University and a master's in International Affairs from Johns Hopkins SAIS. Her patent, global speaking engagements, and publications further underscore her expertise in technology, innovation and social change.


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