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Alix Rübsaam

VP of Research, Expertise and Knowledge, Singularity
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    Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, Singularity Foundations
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A researcher in philosophy of technology, Alix Rübsaam investigates the societal and cultural impact of exponential technologies. She focuses on human activity in technological contexts such as Artificial Intelligence, information technologies, and digital environments and on deploying emerging technologies responsibly.

Alix’ research centres around two projects. The first explores responsible AI, algorithmic bias and exclusion. The aim is to map the impact of automated decision-making algorithms, to explicate how design decisions can lead to unwanted outcomes, and to empower leaders to build AI that is equitable, fair, and just. The second project investigates the digitalisation of information, and its effects on decision making. The goal is to investigate and challenge computational paradigms and to reposition leaders to informed decision making in a manner that befits 21st century dilemmas.

Alix is VP of Research, Expertise and Knowledge at Singularity. She oversees SU’s research efforts, body of knowledge, and community of experts. Prior to this, Alix was a PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam and ASCA. She researched the collaboration between (technological) agents at the intersection of humans and computational systems. She has written and speaks about cyberpunk and science fiction literature, autonomous weapon systems, embodied robotics, and (responsible) AI.


Ai Workshop: Building Inclusive Automated Decision-making Systems
AI, Unintended Outcomes & The Opportunities of Responsible Technologies
Responsible AI Workshop
AI or Die? Redefining the Human in the Digital Age
Critical Thinking & Decision Making