Alix Rübsaam

Singularity Expert: Fellow Philosophy of Technology, Artificial Intelligence

Alix is a researcher in philosophy of technology and the Director of Curated and Research Content at Singularity. She investigates the societal and cultural impact of exponential technologies. Her current research centres around two large scale projects. The first focus is on the effects of automated decision-making algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, and algorithmic bias. She works to create understanding about how decisions made in the design process can lead to unwanted and biased outcomes, and to empower leaders to build AI that is equitable, fair, and just. The second project comprises an analysis of the digitalisation of information, its effects on decision making, and on ethics. The focus here is to reposition decision makers vis-à-vis the way they inform themselves, to investigate and challenge computational paradigms, and to envision an approach to ethics that befits 21st century dilemmas.

Speaking Topics:

Why artificial intelligence doesn’t mean that the end of human kind is near

Several thinkers and innovators (Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, Nick Bostrom a.o.) have predicted recently that the rise of Artificial Intelligence means that the end of humankind is near. They see our brain as a computer. For a long time, the computer has been used as a metaphor to explain the way we think. Alix explains why that view is too limited.

Being Human in the digital age | SingularityU Mexico Summit