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Alissa Proctor

Principal Consultant, Escient
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    Exponential Thinking, Innovation, Leadership, Purpose
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Since childhood, Alissa Proctor has nurtured dreams of a future where technology and humanity seamlessly merge, allowing boundless self-expression and blurring the lines between reality and the virtual realm. Her aspirations ranged from becoming an astronaut to a cyborg, reflecting her unwavering fascination with the possibilities. A devoted sci-fi enthusiast, Alissa recognizes its impact transcends entertainment, significantly shaping our reality and offering a roadmap for the future. With a background in IT architecture and technology strategy, she has collaborated with diverse sectors like Defense, utilities, higher education, and government. Alissa's true passion lies in harnessing novel viewpoints, deciphering core issues, understanding the interplay of body, mind, society, and the world, and embracing the broader social, ethical, and environmental dimensions as she paves the way for a transformative future.


Science Fiction Design Intelligence