Alexandre Nascimento

Singularity Expert: Artificial Intelligence; Innovation

Visionary and experienced serial entrepreneur with successful track-record in Silicon Valley and internationally. Over 20 years of experience in developing disruptive high-tech products and platforms using exponential techs. Developed the first mobile social media in 2000. Strong and eclectic academic background in business (MIT and University of Massachusetts), artificial intelligence and robotics (University of Sao Paulo, MIT and Stanford), engineering (University of Sao Paulo and StanfordUniversity) and human behavior & design (Sao Paulo School of Medicine and Stanford), including over 10 certificates, and over 20 honors and awards. PhD researcher at the Center for Design Research at Stanford University Engineering School on Human Machine Interaction factors for technology adoption. Published over 25 scientific papers and 6 books (first book at age of 13). Passionate for designing, building and testing unconventional solutions to wicked problems and creating profitable businesses around them.