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Alexandre Nascimento

Visiting Research Fellow, Stanford University
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    Artificial Intelligence, Foundational Concepts, Innovation, Transformation
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Alex Nascimento, Ph.D. is a visionary serial entrepreneur and Singularity University Global Expert with over 20 years of experience in developing innovative products and technology platforms. He was the director of Samsung SmartThings in Silicon Valley and has an eclectic academic background in business, artificial intelligence, engineering, and human behavior. Alex has affiliations with renowned institutions like Stanford University and MIT, and has developed innovations and obtained patents in various sectors. He is known for his methodology for accelerated AI adoption and a systematic innovation program. With international recognition, he is a columnist and author of scientific articles and books.

Alex Nascimento is a visionary with a diverse academic background, holding multiple degrees in business, engineering, computer science, artificial intelligence, and human behavior. He is recognized as an expert with over 20 years of experience in developing innovative products and technological platforms. Alex has been a consultant for over a hundred companies in various sectors, including retail, oil & gas, healthcare, financial services, consumer goods, automotive, telecom, pension funds, and mining.

Beyond his consulting work, Alex actively contributes as a trusted advisor for startups and serves as a mentor for organizations undergoing transformative journeys. As a Singularity University Global Expert, he has pioneered and executed numerous innovative programs in Latin America, focused on AI leadership, business operations, and acceleration.

Recently, Alex has dedicated himself to fostering eco-friendly technologies for a sustainable future. His contributions include the development of AI-powered neural networks that optimize resource consumption in real time. Additionally, he is a trailblazer in using AI to address United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, such as reducing food waste and enhancing education and healthcare.

With his visionary leadership, Alex has also transformed a fintech company into an AI-driven enterprise, attracting private equity investment and consolidating its position in the market. Moreover, he has published numerous scientific works, and his expertise has earned him a prominent position as a reviewer and jury member for various prestigious institutions and companies.

Alex's profound impact in academia, innovation, and entrepreneurship has made him a key influencer in shaping the future of technology across industries and domains.


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