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Play a part in creating a better future

It takes more than a great idea to create lasting change. You need that rare combination of connections, talent, skills, policies and investment. It doesn't just happen. We make it happen.

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Join our team of professionals shaping the future of humanity.

For over a decade, Singularity has been a trusted source helping leaders understand exponential technologies and their implications. With partners across the globe, a bench of experts, and robust digital presence, we engage millions monthly.

Join our team of professionals shaping the future of humanity. Just think…what universe of unimagined abundance might occur if YOU were part of the Singularity team?

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I was drawn to Singularity for how they balance optimism and responsibility around emerging technologies. It's easy to get scared by the rapidly changing world we are in today, but SU faces the challenge head-on, prioritizing education and taking a balanced look at both risks and opportunities. I absolutely love getting to be a part of our mission!

Savannah Stine

Company Culture

We’ve assembled a fascinating team at Singularity, ranging from nanotech experts to space scientists and just about everything in between! We value our diverse backgrounds, we have a very collaborative and inclusive culture and we all thrive in our highly entrepreneurial environment. There are opportunities for employees to attend Singularity programming to stay current on the latest technologies and chances to connect with some of the greatest minds in Silicon Valley and beyond.



Driven by a common purpose
We are passionate and connected by our shared belief that together we can leverage exponential technology to create a better future for all.


Keep your sense of wonder
We keep an open mind, seek first to understand, and never stop looking for a better way.


With great power comes great responsibility
We hold ourselves accountable for our actions, both big and small. We strive to maximize the opportunities and resources given us.


Never give up, never surrender
We are tenacious, scrappy, and resilient, especially when times are hard. We band together to achieve our goals and embrace every challenge along the way.


We love what we do and the people we get to do it with
We lead with empathy and compassion, embrace our differences, and enjoy the journey together.

"Singularity is a special place where an employee can discover and live out their massive transformative purpose. During a time of accelerating change, we have the opportunity to engage with leadership at the world’s largest companies, governments and NGOs to affect impactful change and design a better future for humanity. It’s humbling to be a part of the Singularity global ecosystem."

Gregory Ware