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We help leaders create positive impact by understanding the future direction and convergence of technologies and how they will transform business.

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80 leaders. 20 experts. 5 days.
The Executive Program.

step into
the future

Gain hands-on experience with exponential technologies and a better understanding of  the mindset and toolset needed to become a better leader of tomorrow.

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The first step towards step change

Our unique approach relies on human connection through storytelling to better overcome natural human resistance to change. Forecast future scenarios, translate those insights into a compelling and tangible future and produce a graphic novel or other creative artifacts to inspire action.

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1 Billion people. 5 years. positive impact.

Singularity was founded on the idea that exponential technology can give anyone, anywhere the ability to create positive impact. Now more than ever, we need leaders who put the future of both people and planet first. It's our mission to help leaders navigate a world of accelerating change, merge technology and impact, and build 10x businesses and a better tomorrow for all.

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Accelerated change

Exponential technologies are changing the fundamentals of society. They are disrupting business and government. As computing power and connectivity explode and their costs decrease, it’s possible for anyone to be a change-maker and entrepreneur. At Singularity, we focus on these technologies and their convergence and work to open your mind to the possibilities they unlock.

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Massive transformation in 1-5 days

The ability to create change comes down to one simple thing: the decision to act. Come to Silicon Valley, or we’ll come to you. Participants in our world-renowned in-person immersive leadership programs have started companies, changed companies and changed communities. Join us on the road to creating positive impact on a planetary scale.

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Constant learning for constant change

Our growing insight and resource library provide a lighter touch to the topics, frameworks, and trends discussed in our programming and curriculum to help our community of thought leaders, innovators and futuremakers stay ahead of the curve no matter where they are

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Reimagine what's possible for your organization

Explore, explain and evangelize your vision for the future using our Strategic Narrative methodology. Our unique approach relies on the human connection to story to overcome the equally human resistance to change. Forecast future scenarios, translate those insights into a compelling and tangible future and produce a graphic novel or other creative artifacts to inspire action.

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Be unstoppable

We have come to see Singularity as a river, flowing with the energy of tens-of-thousands of people who hold shared values about the positive potential of exponential technologies put to use by entrepreneurial leaders.

A flowing river can, over time, dramatically change landscapes.
A flowing river is a persistent and unstoppable force.  But, watching a flowing river does not move anyone forward. You need to be on it and part of it.

And, as with any unfamiliar journey, to make it safer and more rewarding, the right team and the right guide is important.  

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