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Misha Byrne

Partner, NeuroPower Group
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    Ethics, Leadership, Foundational Concepts, Wellbeing, Leadership
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Misha Byrne is an esteemed Singularity University expert in Neuroscience & Performance, leveraging his expertise as a social-cognitive neuroscientist to delve into the brain's intricacies regarding performance enhancement. Transitioning from research, he is now a dedicated behavioral strategist and 'behavior hacker', holding key positions at The Future Academy X (Munich) and NeuroPower Group (Australia). His mission revolves around guiding business leaders in embracing digitalization and AI adoption by utilizing brain insights. He aims to simplify technology adaptation, amplify team efficiency and foster human-centric companies, products and communities.Misha's impactful endeavors span diverse domains: from co-creating a lifelike AI personality for Japan's major car manufacturer to spearheading digital transformation in healthcare and facilitating peace initiatives among Indian and Pakistani doctors. He is an influential editor of NeuroPower: Leading with Neurointelligence, a testament to his expertise. Presently, Misha's work revolves around instilling science, empathy and practicality into the Future of Work, merging technology, diversity and collaboration to cultivate high-performance cultures.


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