Misha Byrne

Singularity Expert: Neuroscience

Misha Byrne is a Singularity University expert in Neuroscience & Performance. He is a social-cognitive neuroscientist with a background in researching the brain mechanisms behind how we monitor and improve our own performance. Now a full-time behavioural strategist and ‘behaviour hacker’, he is Head of Consulting at The Future Academy X (Munich) and Partner at NeuroPower Group (Australia). He helps business leaders accelerate digitalisation and AI-adoption by using brain insights to: make it easier for people to adapt to new technologies; boost performance of critical teams; and design better, more human-centred companies, products and communities. Some of his favourite projects have included: Working with one of Japan’s largest car manufacturers to prototype a ‘human-like’ AI personality for the first generation of truly autonomous vehicles; Working with leaders to drive digital transformation in hospitals, and training doctors and clinicians to embrace the next era of healthcare; Helping Google engineers to understand the science behind mindfulness; Coaching senior leaders from Portugal’s biggest companies to ‘hack’ their own brains and lead their people through digital transformation; Forging new peace/nuclear disarmament alliances between Indian and Pakistani doctors in Delhi and Kathmandu. He is an invited editor of NeuroPower: Leading with Neurointelligence (Burow; 2nd edition, 2013, and 3rd edition, in press). Misha’s current work focuses on putting science, soul and common sense into the Future of Work and harnessing technology, diversity and collaboration to build high-performance cultures.