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A global ecosystem of futuremakers

Our community consists of a diverse, global group of individuals and organizations applying exponential technologies to solve the world's greatest challenges.

Inspire. Empower. Impact.

With a presence in over 100 countries, our community consists of…

Program Alumni
Program Alumni
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Active Chapters
Impact Projects
Impact Projects

What makes Singularity unique is that it isn’t just a place of inspiration, it’s an engine of expertise that drives things to actual realization. This makes it an institution that is in true alignment with the needs of our time. To move from just inspiring, to doing. It’s by bringing all the aspects of actualization together—learning, designing, scaling, funding, implementing—that we truly solve the challenges of today exponentially.

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Our International Partners

We work with individuals and organizations looking to bring Singularity to their country or city. As an approved partner we allow these Futuremakers to deliver key programming like Summits and Short Leadership Programs.

I came to Singularity to learn about the future, and discuss it with the people who know more than anyone else on the planet. Then I go back to my team in Colorado and build that future. This is the power of the Singularity network—knowing about the future before it happens.

Dmitriy Starson, Ph.D. | CEO, Escape Dynamics

Turning Insights into Impact

Members of our community are working on a variety of projects to take what they’ve learned at Singularity and apply it back to their own local ecosystems to create a lasting impact on society. Here are a few projects we’re highlighting and helping to support this year.
Impact Project: Buenos Aires Chapter

Exponential Inception Program

Project Lead: Federico Marque

United Nations SDGs
Quality Education
Taxonomy Area
Impact, Innovation, Communities
Impact Goal: Collaborate with local entities and organizations to promote exponential entrepreneurship.

The Buenos Aires Chapter expanded their “Exponential Inception” program this year that awarded full scholarships to 42 leaders in business, science, and technology, aged 21 to 45, reflecting a commitment to diversity and excellence. With a balanced representation of 50% women and participants hailing from five different Latin American countries, the initiative has cultivated a vibrant and inclusive community poised to drive innovation across the region. The program stands as a testament to fostering cross-border collaboration and empowering emerging talent in the fields shaping our future.

An addition of +20 new Start-Ups further highlights the positive influence and growth within the Chapter’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.
Impact Project: Helena Chapter 

Helena Innovation Center

Project Lead: Patricia Ashanti

United Nations SDGs
Quality Education, Reduced Inequalities
Taxonomy Area
Impact, Innovation, Singularity Foundations
Impact Goal: Increase awareness and exposure of exponential technology to rural communities in the Arkansas and Mississippi Delta. The mission is accomplished through the design and development of a unique space focusing on youth entrepreneurship and innovation.

The Helena Chapter is building an innovation center on the campus of a former high school. The campus includes several buildings to accommodate labs, meeting and exhibition spaces and host community events. As part of this year’s Impact work, they hosted a 4-part robotics workshop with 12 local high school students. This success of this pilot program has laid the foundation for plans to host a larger tech camp in partnership with Google and others in 2024.

The innovation center in Helena, Arkansas will have exponential impact in the communities of the Arkansas and Mississippi Deltas, providing new opportunities for students and adults in a region that has faced many education and economic challenges.
Impact Project: Kampala Chapter 

Spectrum Secondary School at the Kyangwali Refugee Settlement

Project Lead: Brainy Swaibu

United Nations SDGs
Quality Education, Reduced Inequalities, Climate Action
Taxonomy Area
Impact, Exponential Thinking, Communities
Impact Goal: Collaborate and partner with technology startups, companies & international networks to provide educational opportunities (curriculum) that will prepare high school, university students and professionals for a world of accelerating advances in technology.

The Kampala Chapter’s is centered around the Spectrum Secondary School at the Kyangwali Refugee Settlement in SW Uganda. The focus this year has been on practical solutions to enhance the learning environment for the students. The Chapter has incorporated Language Model technology, such as ChatGPT, as an administrative companion. This technology aids in tasks like lesson planning and facilitates personalized learning experiences for the students. They also launched the implementation of an AI in literacy initiative, in collaboration with Stanford University researchers' CRAFT materials.The moonshot plans include the establishment of an emerging technologies university and a media lab in Uganda.
Impact Project: KYoto Chapter 

Revitalize the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Kyoto

Project Lead: Jun Suto

United Nations SDGs
Decent Work and Economic Growth
Taxonomy Area
Impact, Exponential Thinking, Communities
Impact Goal: Unleash a global revolution from the heart of Kyoto, harnessing cutting-edge science, technology, and entrepreneurial spirit to ignite transformative flourishing worldwide.

The Kyoto Chapter has developed two tracks for their Impact work: an Adult entrepreneur track and a Youth track.For the Adult track the Chapter has partnered with the Kyoto Prefecture for two of the largest Kyoto entrepreneurship events: IVS - June 2023 and ZET - March 2024.For the Youth track, the Chapter partnered with Monozukuri Ventures and Kyoto Makers Garage; they experimented with a half-day pilot youth 3D printer program in August and now are planning to have another 3D printer workshop in December. In addition, the Chapter has been consistently hosting monthly events throughout the year, which reached the 46th edition
in October.
Impact Project: Santo Domingo

Build a National AI Strategy for the Dominican Republic

Project Lead

United Nations SDGs
Decent Work and Economic Growth
Taxonomy Area
Governance, Artificial Intelligence, Ethics
Impact Goal: To collaborate in building a national AI strategy that is ethical, responsible, and inclusive.

The Santo Domingo Chapter collaborated with the Dominican Republic’s government on the construction of the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy (ENIA RD). This work has been completed and the contributions of the Chapter were included in the strategic plan.The Government, through its Strategy Implementation Director Jean Garcia Periche (SU 2018), held a private “Exponential Breakfast” meeting with members of the Chapter to share their views and check on the next steps needed to advance in the implementation.  The Chapter is currently choosing a topic within ENIA, to support its implementation and regional escalation.

Accelerating exponential entrepreneurs

Our portfolio of companies includes startups using exponential technologies to address the world’s most intractable problems. They apply artificial intelligence, digital biology, nanotechnology, robotics, and more to global issues such as food, energy, water, security, health, and the environment.

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