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Adam Pantanowitz

Biomedical and Electrical Engineer and Entrepreneur
  • Location
    South Africa
  • Area of Expertise
    Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, Innovation, Exponential Thinking, Mixed Reality
  • Type

Adam Pantanowitz, a dedicated technologist with an insatiable appetite for tackling the seemingly insurmountable, thrives on the convergence of cloud computing and machine learning to unlock solutions. As a prominent figure on the SingularityU South Africa faculty, he delves into biotechnology's realm, while his discourse revolves around the imminent fusion of technology and humanity. His affinity for instruction finds expression through his extensive tenure lecturing engineering and medicine at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg since 2009.Adam's journey began with his pursuit of biomedical and electrical engineering, propelling him into the domains of biotech and software. His creative endeavors have materialized in numerous patents, scholarly works, and transformative innovations. Notably, his collaborations birthed breakthroughs like a hands-free surgical interaction system, CPR monitoring apparatus, and a computer-driven sign language interpreter.Recognized as a Fellow of The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and globally certified as an engineer, Adam co-founded groundbreaking ventures, including AURA, Tariffic and Lawbuntu. His role as the CTO of a tax-focused fintech enterprise broadened his business acumen.Adam's vocation encapsulates the essence of a technologist, innovator, and problem solver in both biotech and software realms. Revered as a zealous tech advocate, his research, lectures, and entrepreneurial ventures mirror his ardor. His pioneering work encompasses futuristic creations like "Brainternet," a portable brain-internet livestream, and extends to mind-boggling projects such as an eye-controlled wheelchair, a non-cognitive brain transmission conduit, and a thought-guided robotic arm. In essence, Adam Pantanowitz ceaselessly explores how technology can empower humanity's progress.


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