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Ignacio Juarez

Energy Expert and CEO
  • Location
    United States
  • Area of Expertise
    Energy Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Innovation, Transformation, Governance, Economies,Exponential Thinking, Foundational Concepts, Purpose, Leadership
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Ignacio had an engineering background and started his career in R&D in different companies, mainly designing prototypes. He then worked for the Engineering department of Johnson Controls in the industrial refrigeration sector, designing unique cooling systems. He was part of Car Racing Teams in Argentina, developing cars, and later worked in the administrative management team at the Belgrano Cargas (cargo train line). He then formed his projects regarding export, logistics, and engineering.

He was the founder and CEO at Semtive for more than 15 years. Semtive has developed a breakthrough technology in the energy industry that is simple, affordable, and accessible. The technology democratizes, decentralizes, and digitalizes the energy industry. MIT has recognized Ignacio as an innovator under 35. Semtive has been named twice as the Most Innovative Company and as a World-Changing Idea by Fast Company and mentioned as one of the Best Inventions in 2018 by Time Magazine.


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