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Gary Bolles

Partner at the consulting firm Charrette LLC
  • Location
    United States
  • Area of Expertise
    Leadership, Singularity Foundations, Exponential Thinking, Innovation, Communities, Purpose
  • Type

- Chair for the Future of Work for SU
- Partner at the consulting firm Charrette LLC
- Co-founder of eParachute.com
- Currently focus on strategies for the future of work, learning, and the organization. Deeply committed to helping catalyze inclusive capitalism.
- Formerly, co-founder, SoCap:SocialCapitalMarkets and a dozen other impact initiatives.
- Former editorial director of six technology publications
- Former VP Marketing and COO.

Gary A. Bolles is a globally recognized thought leader and consultant focused on the rapidly evolving landscape of work, education, and organizational transformation in the post-pandemic era driven by exponential technologies. He provides invaluable guidance to individuals, companies, communities and nations looking to navigate uncertainty and flourish in the years ahead.

Bolles encapsulated his extensive research and consulting insights in his acclaimed book, The Next Rules of Work, which lays out the essential mindset, skillset and toolset needed to lead organizations successfully through disruptive change. He delves into these crucial topics further in his widely read LinkedIn newsletter.

As a highly sought-after speaker, Bolles delivers over 100 keynotes and interviews annually. His "firestarter" sessions galvanize C-suite leaders to radically rethink their approach to work, learning and organizational reinvention. Global clients like Google, Novartis, The World Bank, and the U.N. frequently bring him in to share his cutting-edge perspectives. He is also a regular faculty member for Singularity University, Gartner and Unreasonable Group.

In his role as Chair for the Future of Work at Singularity University, Bolles spearheads initiatives to equip a worldwide community with the frameworks, capabilities and connections to create a future of abundance in work and lifelong learning. He emphasizes the importance of developing shared understanding, collaborative strategy and universal access to opportunity as we navigate the momentous shift to the digital work economy.

Through the boutique firm Charrette LLC, Bolles helps clients identify and interpret pivotal trends reshaping organizations and markets. He facilitates strategic conferences, innovation consulting, strategy design workshops and collaborative initiatives to devise proactive responses. Notable projects include co-founding the US Broadband Coalition, which united 137 entities to create a national connectivity plan, and advising an international clientele spanning Google to the New Zealand government.

Drawing on his early training as a career counselor, Bolles co-founded eParachute.com to provide online and in-person support to job seekers and career changers of all ages. He leverages the acclaimed methodology of What Color is Your Parachute?, the bestselling career guide of all time authored by his father Richard, to help people navigate professional transitions.

Bolles has also created some of LinkedIn Learning's most popular courses, teaching over 1.3 million students about cultivating learning agility, a growth mindset, and leading the future of work. His extensive background spans executive roles in software startups, strategic advisory for Nokia, and editorial leadership for pioneering tech publications and TV shows.

A prolific convenor, Bolles has co-founded numerous groundbreaking events like SOCAP, the leading conference for impact investing; Fulcrum, focused on future of work solutions; and Global Skills Day. He also serves as a program architect shaping high-profile events for Google, Singularity University, TED and other major clients.


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