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Exponential Futures

Strategic Narrative Program

Program Overview

From Singularity’s Exponential Futures track, Strategic Narrative is Singularity’s behavioral science-based approach for helping companies develop a future-vision and evangelize it using the power of storytelling. This journey prepares leaders to drive transformation by enabling them to envision a desired future balanced against other potential futures, and engage and inspire key stakeholders who can help them make the vision reality.


This unique program takes place over 12-16 weeks, in collaboration with our internal team and Singularity Experts to research and create a series of deliverables illustrating your organization's new narrative.

Themes & Topics

Accelerate organizational transformation using this unique, collaborative program.

Explore possible futures, develop a compelling vision, and use creative storytelling to unite stakeholders behind it.

These strategic narrative methods may be applied to specific programs or initiatives, to teams, or entire organizations.


Explore Possible Futures

Deep dive into the topics that matter to you and your business with our global database of Singularity experts available for private hour-long sessions.


Create Your Narrative

Explore emerging technologies and trends with a facilitator-led, hands-on live learning path over 2-3 days. Multiple Singularity experts will guide you and your team through the content and offer strategies to avoid disruption and drive impact within your organization.


Call Stakeholders to Action

Learn to see the future. Workshop upcoming technological advances that will impact the future of your industry and organization. Change your mindset and learn to leverage storytelling to reimagine what’s possible in our rapidly changing world.



Objectives & Outcomes:

During the project participant will:

  • Identify key challenge areas for their business and industry over the next 5-15 years
  • Hear from Singularity Experts on their key disruption areas and how it relates directly back to their business
  • Participate in current state interviews with Singularity transformation experts to get a grasp on internal and external opportunities and threats

Participants will complete the program with deliverables including:

  • Discovery Report: An in-depth research report on the organization’s problem statement or focus area, which includes learnings from interviews with subject matter experts, desk research, primary research and other tactics as appropriate.
  • Vision Report: The research and analysis are translated into narrative scenario(s), complete with characters, conflict and resolution, as a powerful means of conveying the learnings.
  • Final Artifact: The narrative scenario(s) are expanded into full stories in comic book format, which serves as a communication tool for the organization.


The typical project takes 12-16 weeks to complete, including in-person working sessions and remote collaboration. Actual timeline will depend on Client engagement and Expert availability. 

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Introduction to Exponentials

(presented by facilitator)

Thinking exponentially is core to everything we teach at Singularity, this means that we start with showing how each year the power and/or speed of technology is doubling and/or the cost is dropping by half. Getting into the mindset of thinking exponentially is a fundamental first step for projecting into the future. During this session participants will not just understand the basic definition of exponential growth, but dive into its implications, and shift from a linear way of thinking to an exponential one.

We typically overestimate growth in the short term, and underestimate it in the long term due to the deceptive nature of exponential growth. Because computational technologies (including artificial intelligence, biotechnologies, advanced manufacturing, and more) progress exponentially, its growth and adoption can be surprising. As these technologies continue to democratize, access to use them becomes more widespread and more and more people, companies, and industries will have a role to play in how they’re leveraged.This session will prepare you for thinking about these growth patterns, how they apply to your industry, and what role you can play in their use.

Creating Impact in an Exponential world

The world around us is changing at an exponential pace. From climate change to water to hunger, global issues are becoming more challenging and growing faster than traditional organizations are able to manage. What does it mean to create impact in this new environment? And how can you, as one of today's most capable leaders, define your own massive transformative purpose?

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