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A world of abundance created by futuremakers working together to solve the world's greatest challenges

Futuremaker (n.) - someone who actively engages in shaping the world rather than remaining a passive observer, motivated by the belief that technology can forge a brighter future.


We believe technology and entrepreneurship can solve the world’s greatest challenges

Singularity was founded in 2008 by Peter Diamandis and Ray Kurzweil.

Since 2008

After being inspired by Ray’s seminal work, 'The Singularity is Near,' Peter pitched an idea at dinner: a new university aimed at educating the leaders of tomorrow. Education for the paradigm-shifting, game-changing, nothing-is-ever-the-same-again breakthroughs… happening all the time.

Ray Kurzweil did the math and found that we’re going to experience twenty thousand years of technological change over the next one hundred years. Essentially, we’re going from the birth of agriculture to the birth of the internet twice in the next century. This means paradigm-shifting, game-changing, nothing-is-ever-the-same-again breakthroughs… happening all the time.

Peter Diamandis

They could see that the current education system was setting up leaders to fail, unable to keep up with the exponential pace of technological change. The world needed leaders who were empowered with not only a broad understanding of technology, but a grasp of the challenges humanity is facing and a fearlessly entrepreneurial mindset.

This conversation led to the founding of a new university with support from NASA, Google and others, and the launch of the now famous 10-week Graduate Studies Program, better known as the GSP. It was called Singularity University, inspired by Ray’s book and the mission to help leaders see beyond the horizon and into the uncertain future.

Education for exponential times


Fast forward to today—technology is accelerating faster than ever and our mission remains unchanged. Since 2008, we’ve helped individuals, organizations, and governments transform the way they lead, think, and create the future through transformative educational programs and experiences focused on the convergence and application of exponential technologies to deliver business and societal value.

The Executive Program

A 5-day program designed for leaders tasked with leading their organization forward into the future and a holistic view of the exponential technologies.  

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Custom Programs

Leveraging the Singularity Foundations and our unique perspective, build a custom program around your unique goals to stay ahead of the curve.

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The Future of AI

A 3-day deep dive designed to provide leaders with a comprehensive understanding of artificial intelligence and its impacts across industries.

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Our unique approach to exponential thinking and technology takes a zoom in - zoom out approach. The Singularity perspective examines technologies through the lens of their applications on an individual, organizational, and societal level.

Pairing this perspective with our tools and frameworks gives leaders a new mindset and lens to see the world through.

A global ecosystem of techno-optimists

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After attending a program, event or joining the team as an Expert or Staff, our Futuremakers become a part of a truly global community that supports each other on their journeys to create the future.