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Exponential Leadership

Silicon Valley Executive Master Class Program Template

Program Overview

From Singularity’s Exponential Leadership track, the “Silicon Valley Executive Master Class” is our premier digital transformation experience. This program is designed to help executives of the world’s most ambitious and courageous brands take their organization and leadership to the next level, and create exponential impact.


This program is a curated four-day experience in Silicon Valley, the heart of innovation, that incorporates an intensive mix of lectures, workshops, on-site visits and tech demos. Participants will benefit from exclusive access to global thought leaders and innovation centers, and gain practical insights and coaching from their Singularity Facilitator all along the way. 

Themes & Topics

This exclusive, interactive, high-performance leadership program is proven to empower senior executives to successfully activate digital transformation and drive exponential momentum and growth. Topics covered include embracing and leading change, the implications of technological convergence, building an agile culture, implementing artificial intelligence and automation, and more.


Shared Purpose + Culture

Spark excitement about the impact of digital technologies for short- and long-term value creation while creating the conditions that allow the digital transformation mindset, behaviors and system to thrive.


Mindset Shift

Shift your mindset to prepare and lead digital transformation and prepare your team to identify and prioritize critical digital transformation workstreams.


Future Readiness

Create and sustain ongoing digital transformation perspective



Objectives & Outcomes:

During this program, participants will learn:

  • Foundational concepts of technological disruption and the implications of accelerating technologies, with an emphasis on applied use cases, strategic frameworks and hands-on immersions
  • Skills to analyze signals, forecast the future and leverage the insights to reinvent processes, products and operations using digital technologies
  • Approaches to accelerate value creation by building uncommon partnerships with an ecosystem of external and internal partners
  • The habits, systems and processes that will be required at the highest level of the organization in order to successfully activate digital transformation in the business

As a result of this program, participants will:

  • Emerge with a bigger ambition for the future, and the readiness to succeed  
  • Shift your team’s mindset and create urgency for change. 
  • Co-create a shared future vision to guide the strategic direction
  • Identify the critical workstreams to advance the organization forward
  • Mobilize leaders with the right high-performance tools and skills to drive transformation and change


Four-Day Sample Agenda

All sessions included are draft and dependent on Client approval and Expert availability. Interactive elements will be added into the agenda, in partnership with the facilitator, after sessions are selected.

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DAY 01

Exponential Thinking & Leading Digital Transformation

Singularity was founded on the idea that there are a multitude of technologies out there that are changing at an exponential pace. We explore the range of technologies for which exponential holds true, and examine accelerated convergences and how they affect industry verticals and cross-collaborations. This session will lay the framework on which the remainder of the program is based.

Exponential Data: Thriving and Surviving in the Age of Big Data 

Today, the foundational strategies for a modern company to survive relies on data. Data is bigger and faster than ever before. It is said that if you are not a software company today, you will be beaten by a competitor that is. Leveraging data is core to that transition. Exponentially advancing trends in machine intelligence, big compute, data automation, sensors and the Internet of Things are changing every aspect of the opportunities for how we leverage, manage and execute data strategy for our companies today. From data liquidity to centricity, late binding and virtuous cycles, the foundations for building data strategies in companies today are more important than ever for surviving in this age of exponentials.

Understanding the Explosion of Artificial Intelligence

The recent explosion of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies is disrupting entire industries and will completely transform the way we live. But if the algorithms behind many of these advances were developed decades ago, why are we starting to see their impact now? Gain insight into why the explosion in AI is occurring now, how you can best position your organization to harness the power of these advances, and what the future looks like for the fields of computer vision, natural language understanding and generation, and cognitive computing.

Silicon Valley's AI Growth Playbook 

Get a focused overview of Silicon Valley’s most important AI technologies that are redefining growth and profitability for the world’s leading companies . Sandy Diao is a former growth executive at top technology companies like Meta, Pinterest, Indiegogo, and is currently the Director of Growth at Descript, which is the largest invested company by OpenAI to date. She’ll share her experience growing revenue at software giants like Meta and Pinterest, whose core products leveraged machine learning models utilizing big data sets generated by consumer usage as a core driver of sustainable and profitable revenue growth. We’ll also identify why the top Silicon Valley firms all hire a Growth executive instead of just relying on traditional sales and marketing teams to own revenue, and why 10 out of the 10 top public software companies in the United States hire a Head of Growth.

Futures Wheel Workshop

Take a collaborative and systematic approach to mapping possible futures by working from the known and venturing into the unknown. Identify 1st- and 2nd-order implications cascading from transformative developments and trends. Explore unintended consequences, points of convergence, dependent and contingent relationships, and the dynamics of disruption from unusual places and walk away with an easy-to-use tool for future exploration.

DAY 02

Welcome and History of SRI + Tour of Robotics Lab

SRI International, founded in 1946 by Stanford University, is an independent nonprofit research institute headquartered in Menlo Park, California, with a rich history of supporting government and industry. For more than 75 years, we have collaborated across technical and scientific disciplines to discover and develop groundbreaking products and technologies and bring innovations and ideas to the marketplace. From the computer mouse to robotic surgery, cancer treatments, and more, SRI’s 75 years of innovation have created new industries, billions of dollars in market value, and lasting benefits to society.

AI Healthcare Revolution

AI is revolutionizing healthcare, promising transformative impacts on patient outcomes and professional practices. This session provides a holistic view of AI's role in healthcare, empowering participants to navigate its complexities. Attendees will delve into research that explores the latest advancements and their broader industry implications, particularly in data augmentation. Through discussions and case studies, participants grasp the benefits and challenges of AI integration, equipping healthcare professionals to adapt and excel in this evolving landscape. Beyond healthcare, professionals across industries can glean insights from relatable examples. By session's end, attendees will possess a thorough understanding of AI's potential ramifications for both health and careers.

Creating with Generative AI Tools: An Interactive Workshop

The recent explosion of generative AI (gene) applications is transforming the way that content is created: images created by MidJourney are photo-realistic, ChatGPT can converse intelligently about any topic, and AutoGPT can perform complex tasks. Given that these tools are evolving at an exponential pace, you may be wondering: What is the state of the art? How can I leverage these tools to help my company remain competitive within an constantly evolving landscape? Where do I even begin? The purpose of this interactive workshop is to expose the audience to the latest and greatest generative AI tools and to give them practice leveraging those tools to perform critical tasks. The audience will be asked to brainstorm use cases and then practice building with different generative AI applications to synthesize and generate text, perform complex workflows, create and adjust images, convert text into audio, and more. At the end, the groups will engage in a "show and tell" segment and vote on the most creative applications of genAI technologies. 

Future of Business and Work

Entrepreneurship is the most efficient way of solving a problem--one can be entrepreneurial whether it is running a startup or working inside a large corporation. With exponential technologies including artificial intelligence, AR/VR and blockchain that rapidly change how we do business as well as how we recruit and retain talent, the future of work will be shaped by entrepreneurial minds who can effectively leverage these exponential technologies and its value drivers to bring the most innovative solutions. This talk covers how entrepreneurship drives value creation in the workplace, how one can be more entrepreneurial in their current role regardless of job title, as well as case studies of how entrepreneurship and exponential technologies are shaping how we work, where we work, and the skills we need to work for some of the most renowned startups and corporates.

Networking Reception with Startups and Invited Guests 

Varies, examples from past programs have been arranged at local restaurants, and/or startup accelerators

DAY 03

TECH VISIT w/multiple sessions and demos 

Varies, past examples have included visits at Google, NVIDIA and Microsoft

Startup Showcase

Varies, can be on-site visits to startups or presentations at event venue 

Evening Networking Reception w/Startups and Invited Guests 

Varies, past examples have been arranged at local restaurants, and/or startup accelerators

DAY 03

The Imperative and Challenges of Corporate Transformation

This session explores escalating pressures shaping the global business environment and the urgent need for innovative business strategies. To tackle these challenges, organizations must undertake three key actions: redefine strategy, reframe innovation, and rethink transformation. Redefining strategy entails shifting from traditional long-term plans to a dual zoom-out, zoom-in approach, focusing on distant (10-20 years) and immediate (6-12 months) goals. Reframing innovation involves transcending product and process enhancements to reconceive the purpose of large institutions and address large-scale organizational transformation. This transformation necessitates moving away from conventional top-down methods, advocating instead for scaling innovation at the edges until it becomes the institution's new core. 

Through real-world examples, participants will grasp the expansive scope of transformation, understand the resistance to corporate change, and learn practical strategies to achieve swift progress and instill confidence in the strategy and vision.

Unlocking Human Potential: The Greatest Story of our Time

What does fully tapping into the potential of human performance look like? And, how can technology unlock and accelerate us towards such a future? In this session, learn how a new era of human potential can be catalyzed by transformative technologies that scale human wellbeing by applying exponential technologies, like AI, sensors, robotics, synthetic biology, and more, to the human inner and interpersonal landscape. These technologies designed to accelerate our wellbeing will be pivotal in redefining human performance in the next decade through its transformation of our minds, bodies, spaces, and communities.

Driving Disruptive Transformation 

Many companies make “disruption” their goal. They believe if they just develop the right innovation, they will disrupt their markets forever and drive the kind of growth worthy of a magazine cover story. But that’s not how disruption works. Disruption doesn’t create growth; growth creates disruption. While growth is always hard, disruptive growth is exponentially harder. It requires companies to make tough decisions in the face of daunting uncertainties: Should we bet our company’s future on the next-generation customer or today’s reliable one? Should we abandon our current business model for an entirely new one? Disruption demands bold leadership and, often, massive cultural transformation. To achieve your goals amidst disruption requires a growth strategy that aligns the entire organization around the future customer experience, as well as the leadership and culture to execute that strategy.

Activating your Leadership Roadmap 

Facilitator-led synthesis to identify areas of application and actions worth taking. 

DAY 03
DAY 03

Introduction to Exponentials

(presented by facilitator)

Thinking exponentially is core to everything we teach at Singularity, this means that we start with showing how each year the power and/or speed of technology is doubling and/or the cost is dropping by half. Getting into the mindset of thinking exponentially is a fundamental first step for projecting into the future. During this session participants will not just understand the basic definition of exponential growth, but dive into its implications, and shift from a linear way of thinking to an exponential one.

We typically overestimate growth in the short term, and underestimate it in the long term due to the deceptive nature of exponential growth. Because computational technologies (including artificial intelligence, biotechnologies, advanced manufacturing, and more) progress exponentially, its growth and adoption can be surprising. As these technologies continue to democratize, access to use them becomes more widespread and more and more people, companies, and industries will have a role to play in how they’re leveraged.This session will prepare you for thinking about these growth patterns, how they apply to your industry, and what role you can play in their use.

Creating Impact in an Exponential world

The world around us is changing at an exponential pace. From climate change to water to hunger, global issues are becoming more challenging and growing faster than traditional organizations are able to manage. What does it mean to create impact in this new environment? And how can you, as one of today's most capable leaders, define your own massive transformative purpose?

DAY 03