Tristan Forrester

Singularity Expert: Strategy & Transformation, Leadership, Corporate Innovation

Tristan is a change facilitator with 20 years’ experience working with APAC's leading firms. With partner-in-crime Lisa Leong, his work on client-centred B2B innovation is the subject of a 2017 Harvard case study.Whether from attending 7 schools in 5 nations, or having a family so complex that friends ask for an orgchart, Tristan has always been fascinated by the hidden structures of our social systems and how they shift.After a stint as an IT lawyer, he spent a decade in the toughest gig in consulting: helping law, consulting andengineering firms re-humanise their business relationships.Now, as co-founder of OIO APAC, Tristan helps shift B2B relationships from self-interest to “system-interest”,making space for authentic relationships and radical collaboration. His approach combines systems thinking,group dynamics, design thinking, mindfulness and embodiment practices.