Tristan Boyd

Singularity Expert: Data Analytics, Corporate Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Start Up Business

Tristan has co-founded & scaled multiple startups in his career, working with some of the world’s leading brands & retailers developing dynamic retail technologies into globally deployed commercialized solutions. He has a real passion for innovation, business, and studying the art of entrepreneurship and encourages challenging the status quo. “I have been privileged to be allowed to work with some of the best minds and thought leaders in their respective fields of excellence, and I possess a real thirst for ongoing learning growth mindset.”Tristan has a concentration of experience and expertise in end to end execution from strategy, ideation, sales, operational management, IP development, and commercial positioning to assist growth-focused companies in helping scale their intellectual property & ventures in the fast-growth scale-up phase. His global network has links with a variety of private equity, VC funds, institutions, and high net worth individuals with access to investment funding for compelling individual opportunities.Served on Entrepreneur’s Organisations Board and also founded the EO Accelerator Program for Sydney and is now a regional Accelerator Expert for the Asia Pacific.“I'm most energized when I’m able to work with smart people doing smart things that share a passion & love for what they do. My satisfaction comes from achieving and succeeding with key partners and my fellow team”. He can inspire, persuade, and empower people at all levels and has proven real-world experience on how to build an innovation mindset & methodology that generates ideas and transforms them into commercially viable IP.