Scott Summit

Singularity Expert: Digital Manufacturing

Scott Summit brought 3D printing to the world of prosthetic devices in 2010 with his venture-backed company Bespoke Innovations. Bespoke created prosthetic ‘fairings’, monocoque prosthetic legs, and scoliosis braces, while creating a 26 patent portfolio in this field. Bespoke was acquired by 3D Systems, where Summit was made Design Director, leading a ‘skunkworks’ research team in San Francisco, tasked with innovating in 3D printing explorations, ranging from musical instruments to military applications, from new devices to conceptual explorations. Summit designed the iconic and award-winning Cube printer, Sense scanner and Touch Haptic Device. Summit holds 42 design and utility patents, and studied at The Johns Hopkins University and San Jose State University before working as a designer at Apple Computer, in 1993, and consulting for them in the five years after, while at Tonic Industrial Design. There, he was awarded ID Magazine's '40 Under 40' design award. A full list of awards, publications, speaking events and patent listings can be seen on He has held Singularity Expert, positions teaching industrial design + new technology at Carnegie Mellon, Stanford and Singularity University, where he continues to lecture internationally. In 2017, Summit founded Ethereal Matter, Inc. Ethereal reinvents fitness, by fluidly blending the rich experiential quality from Virtual Reality with the haptic physicality and fitness benefits found in a complete workout. The results taps the addictive quality of video gaming and immersive experience with the value and satisfaction of fitness, only without the monotony that drives many away from long term fitness needs. Ethereal holds patented technology around full-body haptic feedback, and includes expert coder Orson Rossetto and world-renowned robotics expert Russ Angold. A fully functional prototype is expected in Q4 2020. Details about the machine and team can be found at (password : 3thereal)