Nick Burnett

Future of Work, Entrepreneurship, Future of Learning

Nick has a particular interest and expertise in the areas ofexponential technologies and their possible impact oneducation and learning. Whilst interested in all facets andtechnologies his particular focus is on the K12 sector and therole immersive tech, AI, Blockchain and AI in enablinglearners to learn better, teachers to teach better and leadersto lead better.Nick is recognised as a thought leader and entrepreneur in the education and learning spacehaving been involved in the development of a range of products and services to supporthuman excellence. He has been a teacher, senior leader and school principal, and, since2004, coach, trainer, facilitator, consultant, author and presenter to anyone with an interestand passion in supporting learning.Throughout his time in education, spanning over 30 years, Nick has been committed todeveloping individuals at all levels, including students, and has a strong belief that everyonecan develop, improve and achieve, and that technology can augment humans to becomeeven better versions of themselves.Nick has run training and facilitation for well over 4000 people, presented globally atnumerous conferences, and has written for a wide range of publications, includingauthoring books on leadership, behaviour support, restorative practices, Solutions FocusedSpecial Education and The Myriad of Leadership Conversations. Prior to this he wasrecognised as an ‘excellent leader’ of an all-age, large Special School Provision in the UK.