Leandro Mattos

Singularity Expert: Neuroscience

Scientist and academic (undergraduate, graduate and master) and professional multidisciplinary specialist in neuroscience, technology and business, with a career built in markets such as the biomass agribusiness and applied neuroscience laboratory.He is CEO of CogniSigns (an award winning Brazilian healthtech), where he also works as a developer of digital solutions that integrate biosensors (capture and analysis of physiological, psychological and social reactions in contexts of health, learning and consumption), natural language processing and analysis of feelings applied to chatbots; computer vision applied to diagnostic imaging; Brain-computer interface and assistive technology. Currently, he also dedicates his studies in the areas of biotechnology and genetic engineering.Member of the ACATE (one of the main technology and innovation hub in Brazil), with international experience in innovation ecosystems, technology parks, incubation programs and acceleration of startups.He is an enthusiast of impact entrepreneurship and believes in the convergence of exponential technologies to solve relevant problems in society, transforming situations of scarcity into realities of abundance.At the moment, Leandro is on a special mission: to develop technological, digital and scalable solutions that not only support, but that one day will be able to carry out diagnoses and clinical treatments aimed at ASD and identification of High Skills / Giftedness, in a more than qualified health and education professionals.