Kim Hulett

Singularity Expert: Biotech, Medtech, Future of Health

I have a computer science degree and am a qualified chartered accountant with a certification in International Tax. Through my background in finance, I have been exposed to a number of industries from an advisory perspective and at the incubation phase of a number of businesses.I am passionate about leadership and encouraging people to invest in themselves through a curious mindset of continuous learning. I believe that South Africa’s biggest asset is its people and rich cultural diversity. I am committed to removing barriers and ensuring that talents are recognised and realised, so as to create employment, invest in future growth and the success of our country and continent. This is possible with the right leadership, values, working smartly in leveraging technology and a belief in an abundance mindset that anything is possible. SingularityU South Africa Singularity Expert, MemberAs a SingularityU South African Singularity Expert, member, I focuse on biotechnology, medical technology and the future of health and wellness, with specific interests in longevity, genetics and designer babies. I love ensuring that this knowledge is understood without needing any medical, science or technology expertise. Founder of Next BiosciencesI am the founder and CEO of Next Biosciences, a South African-based biotech company that combines medicine, science and technology to provide access to innovative products that empower people to invest in their future health. Next Biosciences is involved in stem cells, genetics and biologics. It is the largest cryogenic bank on the African continent and the market leader in stem cell storage and reproductive genetic testing.