Kim Escherich

Singularity Expert: Internet of Things, Smart Cities

Kim is an expert in technical architecture and innovation within the IoT area and its associated domains (e.g. big data, AI), and has been the architect behind some of the world’s largest IoT projects. He is the Executive Innovation Architect at IBM Global Business Services, and the Co-Founder of Nordic Bildung and Chairman of Fremvirke, which work on changing society and preparing people for drastic technological advancements.He is a thinker and visionary with a strong voice in the conversation about how society is influenced by technology, and is also involved with the think-and-do tank, Denmark 5.0, which works with expressing strategies for companies and public organisations to navigate in the future world.Kim is an experienced speaker, writer and political debater, and is a regular speaker at the yearly Danish political festival, Folkemødet