Dr. Jos Joore

Singularity Expert: Biotechnology

Jos Joore is a biotech entrepreneur with over 18 years of executive level bio-business experience within Pepscan, SkylineDx, Kreatech Diagnostics (now part of Leica Biosystems) and Westburg.Biotech entrepreneur with a proven track record in:- Fundraising, dealmaking- People management- Managing start-ups, scale-ups and mature companies- Business development- Taking new-to-the-world innovations to the market- MarketingBackground:- Developmental biology and signal transduction (PhD)- Molecular biology, cell biology, genetics- Business marketingA driven and creative professional, between market and science. Stimulating leadership- and interpersonal qualities. Extensive worldwide network in biotechnology, pharmaceutical business and research. Founder of 4 biotech companies, including Mimetas, leader in organ-on-a-chip technology.