Joao Mil Homens

Singularity Expert: Education, Corporate Innovation, GGC-Governance

João Mil-Homens is a Singularity University expert in Education, Governance & Innovation. He is an Environmental Engineer with a degree from Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, with a Masters and PhD in Planning, Governance and Globalization from Virginia Tech.He is currently the Head of Innovation for Grupo José de Mello where he connects innovative startups with José de Mello Group companies in win-win partnerships. At Singularity University, his commitment is to increase the awareness of exponential technologies among Portuguese organizations. João managed several European funded projects related to knowledge transfer and entrepreneurship. At FCT (Science and Technology Foundation) and ANI (National Innovation Agency), he was the National Delegate for the European Commission’s Horizon2020 research and innovation funding program. He has strong ties with the European Commission and is well connected with top researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs across Europe.