Guilherme Horn

Singularity Expert: Blockchain

Guilherme Horn, PhD, is one of the top experts in Innovation in Latin America. He has more than 30 years of experience as an Entreprenneur, Executive, Board Member and Investor. He was the founder of AGORA, a digital broker dealer in Brazil sold for US$500 million for Bradesco in 2008, and also the founder of ORAMA, the first digital Investment Platform in Brazil, sold in 2014, and recognized as one the most innovative Fintech in the world by AWS (Amazon) in 2012. Horn was the head of Innovation for Accenture in Latin America from 2014 to 2019. He was also a Board Member of Banco do Brasil, the largest Brazilian bank, and now is the Chief Strategy Officer for Banco Votorantim, the fifth largest banks in Brazil. Horn is the Editor of FINNOVATION, the #1 blog of Fintech in Brazil, and writes a column at Estadao (the main Brazilian newspaper), Valor (the main business newspaper) and EPOCA Negocios (the main business magazine in Brazil).Horn was an Angel Investor in more than 50 startups and is a board member at Anjos do Brasil, ABFintechs (Brazilian Fintech Association) and CBRIL (Brasil-Israel Commerce Chamber).