Evan Rapoport

Guest Speaker: Innovation

Evan consults with high-impact organizations, visionary philanthropists, and experienced leaders to help them launch their biggest ideas. He is a creative problem solver and nature-lover with an entrepreneurial mindset who views the world with childlike wonder. He has almost 20 years of experience inventing and launching new products and companies across many fields. He spent three years as a Project Co-Founder/Lead and Rapid Evaluator of moonshots at Google X (in food systems and consumer hardware), three years as a Product Manager at Google Maps (community photography and Street View), and two years as the founding CEO of Oceankind (a major new ocean conservation foundation). He's co-created products that have been used by over a billion people. He holds ten patents and has published seven peer-reviewed journal articles.Evan has taught dozens of workshops for thousands of people about innovation and "moonshot thinking" to turn ideas into reality. He has spoken at the United Nations, worked closely with C-level exec's at Fortune 100 companies, collaborated with the leads of many of the world's largest foundations and non-profit organizations, advised former Presidents, mentored 100+ startups, and volunteered with wildlife conservation projects in Kenya.