Chipp Norcross

Chief Operating Officer at Hum Capital

As Vice President of Family Programs and Learning at Singularity University, Chipp steers the organization’s focus on providing families with the perspective, knowledge, and tools they need in our exponential age. As a father of two, husband, son, and sibling who works in the heart of Silicon Valley, Chipp has a unique perspective not only on the opportunities for technology to enrich families but also the challenge of finding a shared understanding of our relationship with technology and its possibilities to bridge generations that have grown up in dramatically different worlds.

With an extensive background in innovation and strategy, Chipp previously led SU's Open Enrollment team, most notably driving the growth of the Executive Program—establishing its reputation as the premier program for future-focused, global executives—and launching the Exponential Innovation Program for innovation executives to explore cutting-edge tools and frameworks from SU Faculty and partners. Before joining SU, Chipp worked in the fields of innovation, strategy and new product development while at both McKinsey & Company and Synectics, focusing on consumer packaged goods, healthcare, and energy. Chipp holds Bachelor's of Science degrees in Computer Information Systems and Finance from Indiana University and simultaneously earned both an MBA and a Master of Science degree in Engineering from Stanford University. He is also an alumnus of the December 2014 Executive Program.

Speaking Topics

Introduction to Exponential Thinking

The future is appearing before our very eyes. It seems like every new day brings news of a revolutionary technology, a game-changing breakthrough, or a disruptive innovation that has the potential to upend a long-established industry. In a short one-hundred years ,the world has gone from the horse and buggy to the Ford Model T to the Telsa Model 3. Technology is moving faster than it ever has in human history, and, given the forecast of continued acceleration in computing power, it will never move this slowly again.

Our future success will require a different mindset than the one that have delivered us to this moment in human history. A mindset that allows us to not only envision what changes technology could bring to our lives in the coming years, but also to become adept at navigating an increasingly complex world. A mindset that allows us to see the immense potential that we have to positively impact our families, our communities, our industries and the World as a whole. It requires, what we call, an exponential mindset.

Transforming Your Organization

Disruption is happening in every industry, and it’s happening at an accelerating rate. As a result, the life expectancy of a company is getting shorter and shorter, from the Fortune 500 to the S&P 500, and across all markets. Disruption creates threats, but it also creates massive opportunities. How do you prepare your organization, structurally and culturally, for what is required to survive and thrive amid this increasing pace of change? The skills and capabilities that companies have built to be successful in the past are not the ones that will allow them to be successful in this new era, and they may even be the things that hold you back. This session will facilitate a conversation on how to strategize and plan for the changes that your organizations will need to make, whether you are an owner, board member, investor, or executive.