Dr. Bethany Doran

Singularity Expert: Data Science, Medicine

Bethany Doran is a Duke and Columbia trained practicing cardiologist and bioinformaticist. She has a degree in public health with focus on policy. She first learned the power of data while in training, when she taught herself to code to be able to understand how to predict outcomes among patients in large datasets. Her early work formed the basis of national and international guidelines for lipids, and her current research focuses on methods to improve risk prediction using explainable machine learning and statistical modeling in healthcare settings. Her company, Lumas Inc., focuses on data privacy for consumers and makes it easy for companies to comply with CCPA and GDPR regulations and honor consumer data values and preferences. She has been a participant of the 2018 Singularity Incubator, the 2018 Exponential Medicine, and YC120.