The Shift: Reimagining Tech and Its Future

How will your organization survive and thrive?

Create and support a mindset shift by exploring the future implications of exponential change

What's covered?

How will your organization survive and thrive?

We live in a time of exponential change. Humanity has seen more progress in science and technology in the last 40 years than in the previous 400 years. In this learning path, leaders will:

  • Explore the future implications of exponential change and technological innovation across industries and globally
  • Reimagine what it means to be human in times of disruptive technologies, such as AI, XR, biotech and more
  • Achieve the crucial mindset shift needed to leverage these technologies to initiate positive change and solve the world's greatest challenges

Guide: Nichol Bradford | SU Expert, Human Potential

Nichol Bradford is the co-founder of, a global ecosystem dedicated to educating, gathering, and activating wellbeing tech founders, investors, and innovators. Her mission is to empower humans to grow and expand by creating or curating new visions, opportunities, and tech enabled tools for all. Nichol will be your guide through the digital and interactive modules within this path.

Experts featured in this Learning Path:

  • Living in Digital Worlds
    Aaron Frank | SU Expert, Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality
  • AI or Die
    Alix Rübsaam | SU Expert, Philosophy of Technology, Artificial Intelligence

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