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Meet America’s Most Wanted Cybercriminal

Meet America’s Most Wanted Cybercriminal

This week our guest is Brett Johnson, who was listed on America’s Most Wanted list in 2006 for cyber-crime and who the secret service once declared as the “original internet godfather.” Since serving his jail sentence and leaving behind his criminal past, Brett has become a leading consultant on tech security, now helping people learn how to protect themselves against the type of person he once was. In this discussion, we explore a wide variety of topics, including social engineering, deceit in the security sector, common hacking vulnerabilities, the legal abuse of data and privacy by big corporations, digital IDs, the future of deep fakes and brain computer interfaces, and a whole lot more.

Follow Brett's work at anglerphish.com or at twitter.com/GOllumfun


Host: Steven Parton - LinkedIn / Twitter

Music by: Amine el Filali


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