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Creating an Innovation Culture with Massive Transformative Purpose

Creating an Innovation Culture with Massive Transformative Purpose

Purpose is one of the vital building blocks for innovation and can be the difference between a company that fails or grows. No one knows what’s next for the future, but we know it will be "new and improved" and made possible by people who can see the impossible and decide to do it anyway. You likely already have these thinkers within your organization– it might even be you. If you’re unsure what your purpose is, this e-book will help you identify and define your massively transformative purpose(MTP) for your organization, team, or yourself!

Whether we notice it or not, we are all living in an exponential, innovative age; a time where anything really is possible, or pretty close to it. From biotechnology to artificial intelligence, powerful technologies that were once available only to large organizations and governments are becoming more accessible and affordable. Many things that were once private, expensive, or tangible are now available digitally, often costing less than a cup of coffee. So what's next in innovation? Intelligent, intuitive thinking cultivates innovation and often brings what we didn't think was possible into reality. However, a purpose is the foundation of it all. Building a company is one thing, but building a culture of innovation with a clear purpose is necessary for your business to not only survive during uncertain times but thrive amid disruption. 

What's inside?

  • Examples of how top companies use their MTP's to create an culture where innovation thrives
  • How to keep your team on task
  • Interactive MTP Workbook


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