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Singularity Executive Program Alumni Story: Bridging Tradition and Technology in Education

Singularity Executive Program Alumni Story: Bridging Tradition and Technology in Education

Jennifer Verschoor never imagined that an email would drastically change the trajectory of her career. A dedicated teacher with no inclination towards the startup world, Jennifer’s life was confined to the four walls of her classroom. “I had no idea where I was heading,” she recalls. “Startups were not something I ever considered.” But when she received an invitation to join a nascent startup, she found herself at the crossroads of tradition and innovation.

She credits her journey into this new realm by her participation in the Singularity Executive Program, where she was the first teacher to receive a scholarship to attend. The experience was nothing short of transformative, introducing her to moonshot thinking and a mindset that embraces expansive, visionary ideas. “It was like stepping into the future,” she says, “and realizing that I had to bring some of that back with me.”

Like most EP alumni, the impact of the program didn’t stop at the end of the five days in Silicon Valley. After returning to Argentina, she became a mentor for the Singularity Chapter there, encouraging other educators to follow in her footsteps. One of her mentees, inspired by Jennifer’s journey, applied for and received a scholarship to attend the EP in 2024. “Seeing two Argentine teachers obtaining the scholarship is unbelievable,” Jennifer remarks. It was a significant achievement, not just for her, but for the entire community of educators in Argentina.

Balancing two worlds has become Jennifer’s new normal. She splits her time between her role at a traditional school and her work with an AI startup, RVD.AI. This startup, deeply embedded in Argentina’s educational fabric, is pioneering a platform that uses AI to revolutionize teaching and learning. “The company has been around for over a century, a leading brand in the school market. Now, we are transforming that legacy into something futuristic,” Jennifer explains.

RVD.AI is a testament to Jennifer’s ability to blend her deep classroom experience with cutting-edge technology. The platform she is helping to develop aims to assist teachers in creating differentiated lesson plans, provide real-time assessments, and ensure a safe digital learning environment for students. “The AI helps the teacher create lessons and assesses students immediately,” Jennifer elaborates. “This saves time and provides instant feedback, which is crucial for effective learning.” The platform also emphasizes differentiation, allowing it to tailor educational content to the unique needs of each student, thus promoting inclusivity.

Having had the opportunity to play with the tool alongside Jennifer, I was struck by how intuitive and thoughtful the solution is for teachers. It's evident that Jennifer’s own experience in the classroom has profoundly shaped the tool to address real-world problems. At Singularity, we see this as a true value-add—demonstrating why it’s essential for everyone, technologists or not, to understand the power and capabilities of these technologies in solving problems in our own spaces.

One of my favorite features of RVD.AI is the oral feedback and exam tool designed to check for comprehension. In a world where many students and adults are terrified of public speaking or simply learn to memorize and then forget, this unique tool ensures comprehension in a fun and engaging way. It helps students articulate their understanding verbally, fostering both confidence and deeper learning.

The challenges of integrating AI into education are particularly poignant in Argentina, where the education system is marred by a 50% poverty rate and severe inflation. Jennifer is acutely aware of these disparities and is determined to leverage AI to bridge the gap. “We tested the product in schools with limited resources, and the AI helped students learn independently,” she says. “Even in challenging environments, technology can make a difference.”

Jennifer’s vision for the future of education is both inclusive and adaptive. She believes in the importance of teaching students to ask the right questions and develop critical thinking skills. “AI is here to stay, and we need to prepare our students for this reality,” she asserts. “It’s not just about teaching them to use technology but understanding it and leveraging it for their benefit.”
Recently, she addressed a crowd of 900 educators in Argentina, sharing insights on implementing AI in classrooms. “The response was overwhelming,” she recalls. “Teachers were fascinated by the potential of AI to transform their teaching practices and were eager to adopt these new tools.”

As she continues to navigate these dual roles, Jennifer reflects on her journey with a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Her story is a testament to the power of embracing change and the transformative potential of lifelong learning. “I went to the future and came back,” she says with a smile, “and now it’s my mission to bring as many people as possible along for the ride.”
Jennifer’s path from a traditional classroom teacher to an innovator in AI-driven education is a beacon of inspiration for educators worldwide. It demonstrates that with passion, resilience, and an openness to new ideas, one can transcend conventional boundaries and make a significant impact on the educational landscape.

Interested in learning more about the Singularity Executive Program? Click here. Current scholarships are closed but will open for 2025 in the fall. To receive updates on scholarships click here.

Venus Ranieri

Venus is Director of Marketing at Singularity.

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