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Garage Biohackers & Gene Editing

Garage Biohackers & Gene Editing

This week our guest is Josiah Zayner, who just might be the most prominent and controversial biohacker out there right now. He’s done numerous experiments that have drawn both positive and negative attention, such as transplanting the microbiome of another person into his body, attempting to genetically alter the color of his skin, and injecting CRISPR modifications into his body to enhance his muscles.

As radical as these things may sound, he does have a PhD in biosphysics and previously worked for NASA genetically modifying organisms for mars, so he’s not exactly an amateur.

In this episode we explore Josiah’s journey from traditional scientist to biohacker, and along the way discuss the possibilities of gene editing, the dangers, and how we should regulate and navigate this future inevitability.

You can access Josiah's company at the-odin.com and follow him personally at twitter.com/4lovofscience


Host: Steven Parton - LinkedIn / Twitter

Music by: Amine el Filali


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