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The Existential Threat of AI Alignment

The Existential Threat of AI Alignment

This week our guest is AI researcher and founder of Conjecture, Connor Leahy, who is dedicated to studying AI alignment. Alignment research focuses on gaining an increased understanding of how to build advanced AI systems that pursue the goals they were designed for instead of engaging in undesired behavior. Sometimes, this means just ensuring they share the values and ethics we have as humans so that our machines don’t cause serious harm to humanity.

In this episode, Connor provides candid insights into the current state of the field, including the very concerning lack of funding and human resources that are currently going into alignment research. Amongst many other things, we discuss how the research is conducted, the lessons we can learn from animals, and the kind of policies and processes humans need to put into place if we are to prevent what Connor currently sees as a highly plausible existential threat.

Find out more about Conjecture at conjecture.dev or follow Connor and his work at twitter.com/NPCollapse


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