MJ Petroni

Singularity Expert: Corporate Innovation, Entrepreneurship

As Chief Exponential Officer of Causeit, Inc., MJ specializes in helping others understand the mental models necessary to navigate new technologies. He helps companies raise their digital fluency and harness the power of platforms for exponential growth. He is a speaker, strategist and facilitator. His academic background is in a field of study called Cyborg Anthropology, which studies the relationship between humans and technology. 

Since 2006, Causeit has helped transform how hundreds of clients think about and work towards the future, including Volkswagen, Swift, Google and the Omidyar Foundation. MJ was the Cyborg Anthropologist in Residence for NTT, served as a founding advisor of the Gates Foundation's digital financial platform for poverty alleviation, and is a repeat invitee to the Accenture TechVision Advisory Board and author of "Data Ethics: Informed Consent and Data in Motion."

 He is an alumnus of Lewis & Clark College, and is currently authoring “Cybiomes: Biology, Technology and Hope.”MJ is a translator of trends, provocateur of new ways of thinking and guardian of values. He draws from his experience with startups and digital businesses, global travel and research to create compelling narratives of possible futures, catalyzing innovation for top teams in global companies, organizations and governments.