Mark Sowden

Singularity Expert: Education, Leadership

I’m a Director at Maximus International, a progressive leadership house in Australia. An experienced facilitator,keynote speaker, with a background in education and mindset transformation, I have designed and implementedprograms of change which focus on the individual’s response to the challenges of everyday life, and how theyunderstand and manage their thought patterns. It is through this deep understanding of neuroscience that Iassist leaders to maximise their potential and produce great results, consistently.I’m passionate about unlocking the potential of individuals, teams and organisations, and support the notion thathigh performers share the same qualities and attributes of elite athletes, and having performed and coached atthe top level, I draw upon this to elicit superior levels of performance amongst clients, teams and leaders.I help clients transform their organisation and the leaders within, and have worked with major Australianfinancial institutions and key organisations to redefine their approaches to work, culture, leadership,organisational design, and performance.“I work with leaders and teams and organisations to realise potential by focusing on true behaviour changeinitiatives.”