Kevin Shaw

Singularity Expert: Networks & Computing, Internet of Things, Sensors

Kevin A. Shaw has 25 years experience in MEMS, Sensors and Startups. He first worked on Silicon MEMS processes for inertial sensors at Cornell University, where he earned a doctorate (Ph.D.) and two masters degrees. He then joined Kionix, a startup semiconductor fab company, as employee #3, working to build out the fab and to bring the inertial MEMS process into production. Kevin earned two dozen patents for his MEMS work and Kionix was acquired in 2000.He co-founded IronWood Technologies, a railroad services firm which he sold in 2005.Next he moved to Silicon Valley where he attended the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University as a Sloan Fellow, earning a Masters in business (M.S. Mgmt) in 2006.Then he joined Sensor Platforms Inc, a startup company providing sensor fusion software for handsets. He established the Sensor Algorithms team in 2007 and became CTO in 2009.Currently, he has 30 U.S. patents covering MEMS devices (inertial, optical and chemical) and sensor algorithms.In 2014, Audience Inc acquired Sensor Platforms and Kevin joined their team as product line manager for Motion Software products.In 2015, Kevin left Audience and founded Algorithmic Intuition Inc with the goal of using advanced Machine Learning algorithms to bring intelligence to consumer devices.With sensors in nearly every consumer device now, Kevin believes that we are in the midst of a radical change in the way we use electronics. IoT and wearable sensors are going everywhere. These sensors, working together with intelligent software, will allow consumer devices to adapt to and intuit our lives.Kevin speaks and writes on sensors and sensor applications.