Kent Langley

Singularity Expert: Data Science, Blockchain, AI

Kent is the Principle of Factual LLC, his coaching and consulting firm. He is a Co-Founder and Chief Science officer of OpenExO the home of the 6000+ OpenExO Community and the ExO World event series. Kent has been Singularity Expert, in AI, ExO, Data Science, & Blockchain for Singularity University since 2013 with along side many of the worlds leading thinkers and doers.Kent is a Co-Founder of Fluid Chains, the premier blockchain for impact organization focusing on crypto-enabling innovation hubs in cities around the world. Fluid Chains is the creator of the ExO Economy, the blockchain for the OpenExO Community. Rutanio, the blockchain for the Colombian innovation and business ecosystem, and others in the process of coming online.A coach, a futurist, a technology, and organization builder, Kent’s Massive Transformative Purpose is to Empower People with Technology.