David Bolinsky

Singularity Expert: Digital Biology

I am a medical illustrator/animator. After I left medical school I was recruited to be the senior medical illustrator at the Yale School of Medicine (1980), where I illustrated 7 surgical atlases. I left Yale in January 1984 to found the world’s first digital 3D medical and scientific animation company. Clients include Harvard University (‘The Inner Life of the Cell’ series), John’s Hopkins, Gates Foundation, DARPA, Disney Imagineering, Estée Lauder, Unilever, Smithsonian Museum, and many others. I’ve given three TED talks; 2007 in Monterey (can be viewed on the TED site), 2009 at TED India and the 2019 TED Summit in Edinburgh, Scotland. Currently I am an associate Singularity Expert, at University of Utrecht, The Netherlands; have an associate appointment in medical visualization at the University of Central Florida’s Institute for Simulation and Training (where I have a talented team for developing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality projects) and am developing a course on Visualization in Science for a major design school (name later). I’m frequently called to lecture on where my work is going (Cambridge University, Harvard, Brown, Yale, Johns Hopkins, University of Utrecht, Texas A&M, University of Illinois, UCSF, Chicago And many others in Europe, China, India, Japan, Korea). For my animation projects, I usually write the scripts, create the storyboards and art direct a really creative team of medical and scientific animators. Happy to be available to lecture, consult or create projects. My website has work samples. www.davidbolinsky.com