SU Ventures News Bulletin: Recognizing Achievements

Monique Giggy
Aug 12, 2019

Success comes in so many forms.Over recent months, SU’s Global Startup Program (GSP) team hosted 562 founders, Entrepreneurs-In-Residence, exponential speakers, and SU Faculty spanning over two countries and three months (and continues online).To us, success takes the shape of the 900+ connections made or the unknown number of ideas stemming from the 108 formal and informal sessions and 32 events put together for GSP. These successes directly lead to the countless ring-the-bell moments we've witnessed while supporting entrepreneurs and startups with GSP and SU Ventures. We’re inspired by the kind of success that happens when our founders go back to their home bases to grow their impact after their SU experience. Here’s what some of our GSP alumni and Portfolio Companies have been up to recently.

GSP alumni in the spotlight

Yaron Schwarcz (GSP14) is the CEO and Co-founder of Skyline Robotics, a company mentioned in CNN for its innovative entrepreneurship. This startup replaces humans with robots in the dangerous role of window-washing skyscrapers.Marita Cheung (GSP15) was recently seen graciously making an acceptance speech at the Asia Society Game Changer Awards.Abi Ramanan and Gustav Nipe's (GSP15) company, ImpactVision, is one of 56 companies listed as The World Economic Forum's Technology Pioneers of 2019. This SU startup finds new ways to reduce food waste and improve product quality using hyperspectral technology.Olivia Ramos' (GSP16) SU Portfolio Company DeepBlocks just went live with its first public beta! The platform uses AI to streamline real estate development. It's already active in 1,100 cities, including NYC and SF.Gadhadar Reddy (GSP16) is the CEO of nanotechnology firm NoPo, which just secured a $250k contract with Lockheed to customize their nanotube technology for use on Lockheed's aircraft carriers as a lightning protection system.Tiffany Tong and Sonika Manandhar (GSP17) saw their startup Aeloi win the Women MSME Fintech Innovation Fund for their business that "uses digital tokens to channel impact investments into micro-enterprises."Lex Hoefsloot (GSP17) unveiled his company Lightyear's first long-range solar car. This constantly-charging vehicle has the longest range and is the most sustainable model on the market.Lorena Puica (GSP19DK), CEO and founder of IAmYiam, was just named one of the Top 30 Women AI Leaders in Drug Discovery and Healthcare! She's making strides to achieve her goal of empowering one billion people to take charge of their health.Fabio Ivatiuk's (GSP19DK)BeeTools closed 30 new schools, with 43 more schools in the works from direct connections made at GSP.Dr. James Hehre (GSP19DK) was the Global Impact Challenge winner of 2019, which gave him the opportunity to attend GSP. While there, his startup, Marine Futures, secured $200,000 in funding.

Global Summit Program

Other success stories from our portfolio

SkyHive has officially become a Certified B Corporation®! And CEO Sean Hinton, soon to appear at SU's Global Summit (and in an upcoming SU case study), recently popped up in this Forbes article.Brain4Care, a SU startup that manufactures non-invasive intracranial pressure monitors, has successfully launched clinical trials with Stanford, John Hopkins, and Grady Hospital.Twitter was set ablaze by Be My Eyes in early July. It only took one person to post about this amazing app that connects the sighted with the sight-impaired to generate almost 50,000 likes and more than 16,000 retweets (and counting!). Check it out: only is Nextbiotics CEO Maricel Saenz a guest speaker on the Crossing Borders podcast, but she was also named one of 100 Latina founders who have raised over $1M. Congratulations!NASA has granted $73.7 million contract to Archinaut, a Made In Space mission, to create 3D printed components in space rather than hauling them up there.Hala Systems raised $1M in investment capital from expert venture capitalist Mark Cuban!We couldn't be more proud of these SU Ventures and GSP successes. That's why we produce an SU Ventures newsletter to encapsulate recent news and information. Subscribe today and stay in the loop!