SingularityU Kyoto Is Back!

Lila Faria
Jan 14, 2021

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Tomorrow at 5pm PST / 10am JST,SingularityU Kyoto is back!Run in English, their upcoming event will be exploring the future of working environments. More information from Chapter Leader Jun Suto below:

The COVID-19 pandemic is shaking up the way we work around the world, but Japan has long had social problems such as toxic work environment (we call it "black companies" - i.e., sweatshop for engineers) and overwork (there is a Japanese word of death by overwork - "Karoushi"). How can we create a better environment and culture to unleash the talents of all people to create a much better world faster? What would happen in 2050 if toxic work environments persist to prevent people from working happily and creatively?

To answer these questions, they will be bringing in two amazing guest speakers: Arnaud Collery from France and MAURICIO MONCADA from South America.This will be an amazing opportunity for English-speaking members of the Global Community to learn more about the future of work and connect with the SingularityU Kyoto team.Access the SU Event here and RSVP here!

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