Singularity University’s #BalanceforBetter Resources for Women Leaders

Molly Pyle
Mar 7, 2019

As we celebrate all women and female-identifying people across the globe on International Women’s Day (March 8th) and praise the many achievements of women* through Women’s History Month (March), we remain focused on achieving gender equity and its effect on the global business marketplace. Empowering female-identifying people and those with diverse backgrounds is important to SU and continues to be an area we work to improve upon. As a result of this continued passion, we’ve gathered a collection of relevant resources that can work to impact and inspire a more equitable future for entrepreneurs, innovators, and beyond.

Surround yourself with inspirational poster art

Our environment has a remarkable impact on our daily work habits and can influence the level of excitement we feel about what we’re doing. Along those lines, the artwork we select to grace our office walls could very well prove to have the power to inspire us to another level of success.Eight inspirational posters are now available from Nevertheless, a WYSKy podcast, that have the power to capture anyone’s imagination. This poster collection celebrates not-so-well-known women STEM innovators across the Earth. The Nevertheless podcast explained, “The women featured serve as amazing role models in their fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (or STEM as it’s often referred to).” You can freely download every poster in the collection through this article.

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Get a boost from other strong women

Inspire yourself and learn how to empower upcoming generations of women by subscribing to the A Mighty Girl free weekly newsletter. Each week, A Mighty Girl showcases top stories on trailblazing girls and women from around the world. You'll also discover valuable resources for raising Mighty Girls, including new book releases, parenting advice, and special features. Visit their blog to gain insight into what makes driven and successful women tick and, well, succeed.This labor-of-love platform was started by A Mighty Girl co-founders Carolyn Danckaert and Aaron Smith as a way for girls and women to learn from other strong women. According to them, “The site was founded on the belief that all children should have the opportunity to read books, play with toys, listen to music, and watch movies that offer positive messages about girls and honor their diverse capabilities.” These two also have a very strong and active A Mighty Girl Facebook and Twitter (@amightygirl) page for quick access to female empowerment and education.

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Support emerging women tech leaders

The prominent U.S. State Department’s TechWomen Program’s main aim is to recognize and amplify the potential of women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields. These women are building moonshot solutions using exponential technologies, and are emerging leaders in their communities and countries. This annual program works to connect these women to a network of local impact coaches, professional, and cultural mentors. And for the past seven years, female STEM leaders have traveled from 20 countries in Africa, Central Asia, and the Middle East to be hosted in leading companies in Silicon Valley.Last August, Singularity University hosted two TechWomen Emerging Leaders to be professionally mentored at SU Ventures for four weeks. The Emerging Leaders participated in the SU Ventures Incubator content, learning skills to build and scale their startups and meeting a wealth of SU faculty, mentors and fellow startup founders. SU also invited the entire TechWomen Emerging Leader cohort (100 women!) onto NASA Research Park’s campus (home of SU HQ) to expand their minds and to introduce the women to what it truly means to make an impact with exponential technology. CEO Rob Nail and EVP Carin Watson welcomed the group and wasted no time in sharing how they could contribute to and be leaders of a better, more equitable future. Read more about the TechWomen visit to SU.

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Join us in promoting exponential equity

Singularity University’s Women’s Impact Network has launched an Exponential Equity Webinar series which features people working on solutions related to gender, diversity, inclusion, justice, and equity—and how to scale these efforts exponentially.The Women’s Impact Network's first webinar in the series, Exponential Equity: Leveraging Technology to Support Sexual Assault Survivors, featured two leaders and innovators in the space, Jess Ladd, founder and CEO of Callisto, and Elie Losleben, Founder of the Rape Crisis Counseling platform. Watch the on-demand webinar to discover how tech is helping to support survivors and to learn about their specific innovations.The Women’s Impact Network is a network of advocacy and awareness, and it’s a network of action. As we state in the SU Credo, we are not bystanders. We act with purpose, leveraging exponential technologies to definitively solve humanity’s greatest challenges. We lead courageously and set an example for changing the world. We do no harm and refuse to compromise others for our own benefit. Our passion for the well-being of humanity drives our action. This holds true for Singularity University as a whole, and the Women’s Impact Network is our element keenly focused on gender. Join us in embodying these values in your own life and work. Adopt our code of engagement.

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Explore our exponential list of STEM resources

To further our goal of empowering women pursuing careers in STEM fields, we compiled the following list of resources for female entrepreneurs and women in STEM:37 Angels: Indian Science & Engineering Society: Data Processing Association (BDPA): Girls Code: Tech Mecca: Women in Computing: Catalyst: W: Corps (#YesWeCode): Entrepreneurs: Develop It: In Tech: Academy: Pro: Women in Engineering: in Tech: Think Big: Women in Computing: Who Tech: Chix: Action Council for Minorities in Engineering (NACME): Society of Black Engineers (NSBE): American Women in Computing: Ladies: Tide: Geeky: of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE): of Women Engineers (SWE): Enterprises: Ladies: in Tech: of Silicon Valley: in Tech Regatta: Techmakers: Who Code: Women Tech: Speak Code: strive to help encourage and support all women and female-identifying folks to step forward into leadership roles; to find their voice within the SU community; and to feel safe, seen, and supported in their every endeavor. We hope these resources help in some small way to provide encouragement and some valuable next steps!SU encourages and empowers a diverse global community of nearly 200,000 leaders, entrepreneurs, and inspired solvers, many of whom are women and/or female-identifying, working to tackle humanity’s most urgent challenges and achieve success in an era of unprecedented disruption. Get a free membership to the SU community and take your next step to connect with an SUniverse of great women and allies!The mission of the SU Women’s Impact Network is to promote gender equity, diversity, inclusion and empowerment of all in the SU community, within staff, and across all programs. The Women’s Impact Network is working to increase access to the information and tools that enable women and female identifying folks to reach their highest potential and come together in community, solidarity, and collective action. We invite the broader SU community, people of ALL gender expressions, and those passionate about the role of gender and equity in a better future to join our efforts by contacting the Women’s Impact Network at