Singularity University Launches New Enterprise to Create Positive Impact for a Billion People

Nuri Djavit
Jun 9, 2021

We are excited to usher in the next phase of Singularity as we officially announce the formation of Singularity Group. A new, strategic corporate structure, Singularity Group will accelerate our mission to impact a billion people over the next five years. Over the past decade, this amazing organization and global community have paved the way for where we go next. We look forward to continuing to unite leaders and change-makers from around the world to explore future trends and better understand how exponential technology will positively impact the businesses and societies of tomorrow. Under Singularity Group, you’ll find some familiar names and programs, as well as new opportunities to get involved at any point in your journey.

  • Premium Membership: Individuals and enterprises from around the globe can now apply for Singularity Membership to engage with year-round programming for personal and business transformation. Members gain access to learning content, courses, panel discussions, events, and networking opportunities.
  • Events: Already known for its inspiring and transformative leadership events, Singularity returns to virtual and in-person programming this Fall 2021. Plans are underway for Singularity University’s reimagined in-person Executive Program and a new online Global Impact Summit, with additional details to be announced soon.
  • Singularity Labs: Singularity Labs identifies, develops, and brings transformative technologies to market that will have long-lasting impact on people and the planet. This new startup division of Singularity Group is dedicated to “building the future.”
  • SingularityHub and Futurism: Our owned media platforms provide members with exclusive content and compelling stories that dive into global news, breakthrough products, and the ground-breaking narratives of tomorrow.
  • Singularity Radio: Singularity Group recently launched new episodes of the Feedback Loop, a podcast network that dives deep into future-thinking technologies and the visionaries that bring them to life.

“Since our founding more than a decade ago, Singularity University has helped more than 70,000 entrepreneurial leaders better understand the future and work with others to shape it,” said Steve Leonard, CEO of Singularity Group. “As we create new ways to increase our own impact, we are evolving into Singularity Group with Singularity University as a key component. Singularity Group is the only global organization helping leaders from around the world regularly interact with scientists and technologists who are discovering and designing how exponential technologies will create the future. We are excited about our many new impact-oriented initiatives.”With 250,000 impact innovators across the Singularity network, 150 partners across six continents and a strong digital presence, Singularity Group reaches millions of people each month. As Singularity University, we launched over 5,000 social impact initiatives, with more than 60 startups who are working at the intersection of technology and impact, with a combined valuation of $1 billion. With Singularity Group, we will continue and accelerate our past work while also delivering several new initiatives and programs to propel our mission and help create companies, change companies, and change communities for the benefit of all. Join us in the community to celebrate this exciting moment for Singularity as we re-commit to our mission and work to create new programs, content, and companies that help transformational leaders “do better by doing good.”