Singularity Group’s Transfer of Futurism Accelerates Organization’s Mission to Bring Forth Positive Change

Venus Ranieri
Jan 1, 1970

Singularity Group sharpens its focus on its mission to create a positive impact on a billion people in the next five years through the transfer of Futurism to North Equity. Under the Singularity Group umbrella, Futurism grew into a highly trafficked site and resource for the up-to-date news stories, the latest innovations in technology, and scientific breakthroughs. Firmly positioned for further growth, Singularity Group transferred Futurism to prioritize investing in impactful companies that are converging technologies to improve lives and better the planet. “We are elated to have finally found a new home for Futurism that aligns with our brand,” said Steve Leonard, CEO of Singularity Group. “The media platform is joining a portfolio that includes top science and technology publications, such as Popular Science. The transfer of Futurism allows us to focus on key areas of our business, invest in companies, bring transformative technologies to market, and to scale in those areas.”The transaction additionally enables Singularity Group to accelerate the transformation of the company and propel forward its market expansion in coaching leaders towards building equitable organizations that address the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Part of Singularity Group’s transformation includes its reimagined Executive Program, launching in November 2021. The Executive Program will inspire radical thinking and help leaders and entrepreneurs look to the technology of tomorrow to start companies, change companies, and change communities. With the UN’s SDGs as a priority, Singularity Group’s transformation strengthens its commitment to bring together governments, entrepreneurs, leaders, and change-makers from around the world with scientists and innovators to explore the potential of exponential technologies on the future of people and the planet. The organization’s Impact Summit on XXX will bring together these individuals to explore the future and find solutions to shape it and create long-lasting positive impact on people and the planet. Over the next several years, Singularity Group will continue to build its presence in strategic markets and invest in innovation with the goal of changing lives for the better. Join us