Remembering Toni Lane Casserly

Cody Hanson
Apr 17, 2020

We’re saddened to hear that Toni Lane Casserly, an early and powerful leader in the blockchain and cryptocurrency movement, has passed away.Casserly was a multi-time crypto and blockchain entrepreneur, and served as an expert and/or advisor for numerous companies and organizations, including Singularity University. Her unrelenting enthusiasm and support for these technologies netted her titles like “The Joan of Arc of Blockchain” and “Young Star of Bitcoin” by industry publications.She co-founded Cointelegraph and helped create several competitive marketplaces for governance through Bitnation, among other projects. According to Coinfomania, “Casserly also used Bitcoin in some of her humanitarian works such as using it as a tool to provide aid during the Ebola virus crisis in Sierra Leone.”To Casserly, the technology served as the means to a greater end. She brought compassion to everything she did, and pushed the idea that decentralized government is not only possible, but necessary, and “will arise from self-sovereign identity” on the back of these new decentralized technologies.Casserly’s thoughts and teachings will continue to resonate and shape blockchain, crypto, ethics, governance, and humanity as a whole. She will be greatly missed.For more, here is a beautiful tribute by Lucian Tarnowski: 10 lessons Toni Lane Casserly taught the world.

Toni Lane Casserly speaking at Exponential Finance in 2017