Partnership for Education - A Force For Good

Singularity University
Apr 5, 2022

Have you ever heard of "two heads are better than one"?

When you take over 85,000 students and a community with hundreds and thousands of change makers and innovators, we think a little more than two heads can disrupt the world as a force for good. If you are a current or aspiring leader, big things are happening that you won't want to miss! Two worldwide powerhouses with a focus on impact and global change have come together in an effort to positively impact billions around the world.

We are excited to announce our new partnership with IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU), a global pioneer in technologized, student-centric higher education and Germany's largest university. The partnership brings together IU's accredited degree programs and EdTech platform with Singularity University's global reach and leadership development initiatives. When we say that knowledge is power, this is what we mean. It's time to harness that power and apply it for real change.

Current and future leaders looking to further their education can earn accredited graduate and executive degrees from IU while understanding how exponential technologies are dramatically affecting companies, communities, and countries. Students will be a part of an exclusive IU cohort within the Singularity community of over 250,000 impact innovators and also be able to learn about the future through the Singularity lens. Learn from the leading innovators from across the world. Global learning never stops, and no topics are out of reach, from clean energy, longevity, mobility, smart cities, etc. 

"Several major trends are converging that make this partnership powerful. First, hundreds of millions of students around the world deserve 'anytime' access to more affordable and more relevant Bachelor, Master and MBA programs. Second, exponential technologies continuously make possible new solutions to serious problems facing humanity and the planet," said Steve Leonard, CEO of Singularity Group. "Our partnership with IU combines the best of our respective abilities for the benefit of students around the world as they grow into leaders of companies, communities, and countries."
Sven Schütt, CEO of IU, said: "At IU, we are passionate about learner-centric education to unlock human potential and empower people to grow. As Europe's fastest-growing university and the biggest state-accredited educational institution in Germany, we are a pioneer in leveraging technology and innovation. IU democratizes education by removing cultural, geographical, and financial entry barriers with flexible and tailor-made modes of studying. And we equip our students with the tech proficiency necessary to tackle the challenges of the 21st century. We are excited to team up with Singularity to reach even more learners around the world and bring together our unique strengths for the benefit of societies around the world."

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