Make an Impact - Join Singularity as a Chapter Ambassador!

Valeria Graziani
Nov 1, 2022

Impact can only happen through leaders with a vision for a better future and the mindset to make that future come to life. It takes futuremakers from around the world driving impact-oriented initiatives in their communities to create a difference. We at Singularity Group are an organization focused on future thinking, global impact through the power of exponential technology, and doing what we can to bring our mission to local communities around the world. 

Singularity Chapters are essential to keeping our purpose and mission alive by being an extension of the Singularity team in your local communities and countries. Chapters allow us to have a local presence in areas where we can build grassroots efforts with key constituents - governments, NGOs, academics, corporations and entrepreneurs. 

There are currently 48 Singularity Chapters worldwide in 24 countries and we are growing but we need your help! Singularity is looking for new Chapters and Chapter Ambassadors who are willing to think bigger than ever before to create impact in their communities. Will you be the next to lead our newest chapter? We are now accepting applications for new chapters until November 27th, 2022– a fulfilling opportunity to be a part of something big! 

What are Chapters? Singularity Chapters are local volunteer communities run by Global Ambassadors that build, manage and develop communities that use exponential technology to create impact. Chapters facilitate local innovation ecosystems whose participants focus on furthering the Singularity Group's mission of leveraging exponential technologies to solve humanity's greatest challenges. 

But what are the benefits of leading a chapter? To start, you have the opportunity to become a Singularity Global Ambassador in your community. You will have the opportunity to leverage Singularity's global network of people and resources to create and drive your impact. You'll connect with leaders and also gain visibility for your work through joint marketing and public relations efforts that draw attention to your projects.

As a Chapter/Chapter Ambassador, you'll also have access to many resources, events and experts through Singularity. You will receive insight and information regarding exclusive content, opportunities to collaborate in interactive meetings with changemakers worldwide, and be recognized as a true champion of change. Here is a list of resources we provide our Chapters:

  • Curated Content: Chapters can access curated content from some of our paid programs, including our Newsletter and our exclusive Learning Paths.
  • Workshops & Webinars: Global Ambassadors and Chapter members can attend exclusive events & workshops, which are recorded and shared for access afterward.
  • Visibility through Impact Stories: We have a process dedicated to showcasing the amazing work Chapters are doing with their Impact projects for the entire community to see. This includes posts in our Blog, Hub Articles, Social Media and more!
  • Complimentary Tickets: Chapters get complimentary tickets to our annual Virtual events (when held), discounted prices to Summits and more!
  • Impact Awards: The best Impact Story(ies) will receive a custom award. This helps them grow even more in their project and get more visibility at the end of the year. The awards will also be displayed to the world in one of our events!
  • Resources & More: We provide Chapters with resources like the Global Ambassador Playbook (info needed to know about Chapters), the Impact Workbook, a guide to help you while working towards your Impact Goals, Chapter logos, marketing material, social media groups and more.

Chapters work towards an Annual Impact Goal inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and focus their work around one, multiple, or even all 17 SDGs. They are free to follow whichever goal that resonates with their community. Impact goals are Chapter-wide projects that the team will work towards over the course of the year, directed to creating social impact in your local community(ies). For example, your Chapter's Impact Goal can be directed toward solving an issue your community is facing, addressing a problem that hasn't been solved, providing resources and education in specific areas, etc. 

Are you interested in learning what other chapters are doing? Read about what our Buenos Aires and Milan chapters have been doing. These are real people making a real impact in their communities. 

Take the lead and apply to be an impactful part of your community today by leading a Singularity Chapter! Become a Global Ambassador today!