Exploring Vaccine Technology With SingularityU Milan

Lila Faria
Jan 28, 2021

Happy Chapter Spotlight Day!Every Thursday, I have been highlighting a member of our Community to ensure we learn more about each other’s accomplishments, passions, and personalities. Got a Chapter event (or person) you'd like me to feature? Send them my way! Note: The Chapter Event I am featuring today will be run in Italian. There is an Italian description at the bottom of this article.(In Italian: L'evento del capitolo che presento oggi si svolgerà in italiano. C'è una descrizione italiana in fondo a questo articolo.)On February 16th 2021 (9am PST / 6pm CET), our SingularityU Milan Chapter will be returning with another innovative event! Topic? Synthetic biology's role in the creation of COVID-19 vaccines. Here are more details from Chapter Leader CARLO CAIFA in English:

The new vaccine technology: synthetic biology and messenger RNATo talk to us about this innovative scientific model will be Paolo Barbanti, CEO of Pharma & Biotech Advisors S.r.l., who started his activity as a researcher in oncology dealing with immunology and molecular biology. He then added a managerial culture to his scientific-technical backgroung, obtaining an MBA from SDA Bocconi in Milan. Subsequently he founded Pharma & Biotech Advisors S.r.l., a company that deals with technology transfer, scouting of new biotech products and pharmaceutical marketing.The meeting will be led by David Orban, Advisor & Faculty of Singularity University.An appointment to follow in live streaming on SingularityU Milan's social media, on February 16th, starting at 6.00 pm CET.

Maurizio Gramegna, Scientific Officer and Molecular Biology Director at the Technogenetics KHB Gtoup, will also be speaking.One more description, for Italian speakers:

La nuova tecnologia dei vaccini | Biologia sintetica ed RNA messaggeroA parlarci di questo innovativo modello scientifico saranno due esperti del settore: Paolo Barbanti, CEO di Pharma & Biotech Advisors S.r.l., una società che si occupa di technology transfer, scouting di nuovi prodotti biotech e marketing farmaceutico, e Maurizio Gramegna, Scientific Officer e Molecular Biology Director di Technogenetics KHB Group.Modererà l’incontro David Orban, Advisor & Faculty di Singularity University.Un appuntamento da seguire in modalità live streaming sugli account social di Singularity U Milan, martedì 16 febbraio, a partire dalle ore 18:00.

You can access the SingularityU event here and RSVP here!About Chapter Spotlights: Once a week I will be highlighting a person or event in our Global Chapter Community to ensure we learn more about each other’s accomplishments, passions, and personalities. If you’re want to highlight an upcoming Global Chapter human or event, send me a DM with details!

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