Exploring the Impact of Founders Within the SU Global Community

Steven Parton
Mar 18, 2021

I recently asked the community: "Are you a company founder, or are you thinking about starting a company? Tell us about it!"And so far, there has been a splendid response, with more than 150 members sharing their ambitious endeavors. This week, I wanted to take a minute to highlight some of those efforts.

If you think you might be able to collaborate or provide help to any of these changemakers–be sure to let them know.

If you're a founder or thinking about starting a company, be sure to answer the question linked above and give us the details. The more we share, the more we can succeed together!

Alice Rathjen is Using DNA Compass to Accelerate Cures.

Find more at Alice's website (http://dnacovid19.com/), shown below:

Antonis Mavropoulos is Using Industry 4.0 to Stimulate Circular Economies.

And a quick look at his website (https://wastelessfuture.com/vision/) reveals more about his inspiring efforts:

Connections Are in the Air Thanks to Drone Technology

Probal DasGupta&Simon Olson

Naoko Okada is searching for VR technologists and relevant studies focusing on the elderly.

Now it’s your turn! If you have questions, thoughts, or want to cheer on these founders, let them know here.

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