How a Comic Book Is Helping Build a Brighter Future for the Caribbean

Venus Ranieri
Apr 16, 2021
Exponential Enterprise

Imagine a world where we turned challenges into opportunities and were able to bring sustainability to the Caribbean region by 2040. What would it take to bring the region’s moonshot ideas to life to address the economic, social and geographic threats that are slowing the region’s growth and threatening its existence? How can we bring electric vehicles to life, fast-track the region’s digital transformation and re-imagine tourism in an effort to build a Caribbean we want to live in and travel to in the future? Singularity University, in partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the Caribbean Climate Smart Accelerator and The Destination Experience, came together in 2020 to launch The Pivot Movement, an IDB-led campaign to fuel innovative thinking to transform the Caribbean. The goal was to ask Caribbean “future makers” to put their heads together and generate moonshots to help solve some of the region’s most challenging problems. The inaugural Pivot Event was held in October 2020 and brought together a small group of future makers together to design nine moonshots around three themes: electric vehicles, digital transformation and tourism. These ideas are detailed in a new book, titled “Pivot: the Future Makers,” a comic book produced by the Pivot partners using Singularity's Strategic Narrative process and illustrated by Caribbean artists. In it, nine moonshots have been developed into strategic narratives, or fictional stories, that provide a simple and powerful means of conveying possible, probable futures, to help visualize a better Caribbean by 2040. “Time and again, we have seen the power of story to convey a vision that inspires transformation,” said Singularity’s Head of Strategic Narrative, Amanda Manna. “Using our strategic narrative process, we were proud to lead the Pivot Partners to explore bold new possibilities, define the desired future, and translate that vision into these stories. Now, the Pivot Partners can begin the exciting work of sharing this vision with others in order to build support for making this future happen, beginning today.”General Manager of the IDB’s Country Department Caribbean Group (CCB), Therese Turner-Jones said, “We see the Pivot Book as a bold statement for the work of the Pivot Movement and we encourage Caribbean people to join us as we continue to think big and work together.”Individuals can download a free, digital copy of the book from the website What moonshot ideas can you bring back to your communities to envision a brighter future? Join the Global Community and share your thoughts!